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Foot health problems, such as pain or deformity, will often lead to an older person avoiding activity. The avoidance of physical activity and exercise over the long term causes a reduction in strength and balance, which in turn leads to an increased risk of falls. There has been a growing body of research behind feet and footwear risk factors, interventions for those with foot pain and an emerging consensus on best practice. Click on the icons below to visit each section or see a full list of contents below.

Foot Health and Falls Background InformationFoot Health and Falls InfographicFoot Health and Falls Research TimelineFoot Health and Falls The Link Between Feet and FallsFoot Health and Falls The Link Between Footwear and FallsFoot Health and Falls Foot and Footwear AssessmentFoot Health and Falls Recommended Best PracticeFoot Health and Falls InterventionsFoot Health and Falls Interact Contribute ExperienceFoot Health and Falls Useful Information Links Downloads
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