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ProFaNE.co and ProFouND.eu

It has come to our attention that some people are spreading the wrong information that ProFaNE.co is inactive and has been replaced by ProFouND. This is not true. ProFaNE.co is only affiliated with ProFouND by nature of similar interest in falls prevention and that we support each others work as completely separate and independent entities. ProFaNE.co is still 100% active and your subscriptions pay for the unique content available on this site and to maintain the server and software to keep the site running. Please help us stop the misleading rumours that are being propagated. Your support is very much appreciated.

Your subscription is 100% within your control and can be managed from your PayPal account as normal. We do not have any control over your PayPal account and your subscription is entirely within your control.

Kind regards

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ProFaNE.co has long term associations with AgeUK, NOS, BGS and LLT and is proud to be part of the NoS and AgeUK Falls and Fractures Alliance.
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