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Implementing Vitamin D guidance: draft guideline consultation

NICE guideline logoThe National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) is developing a public health guideline on Vitamin D: implementation of existing guidance to prevent deficiency. This guideline aims to improve the implementation of existing recommendations on vitamin D to prevent deficiency. It focuses, in particular, on advice for at-risk groups to take a vitamin D supplement.

Stakeholders are invited to comment on the provisional recommendations during a 6 week consultation taking place between 13th May - 24th June 2014.

Visit the website to register as a stakeholder and submit comments.

A second call for evidence to support the development of public health guideline on ‘Vitamin D: implementation of existing guidance to prevent deficiency’ is also being issued. For this, NICE are asking for data that can contribute to any of the key questions in the scope for this work, and are particularly interested in:

  • Any evidence that has been published since July 2013.
  • Any unpublished, commercial or other information that was not submitted in the previous call for evidence and that would not already have been identified through a search of databases (for example, information about local interventions or processes to increase awareness and update of supplements containing vitamin D).

They are particularly interested in any evidence that can help strengthen the recommendations in draft guideline, including:

  • Strategies for increasing access, availability and uptake of supplements for at risk groups (see recommendation 5 in the draft guideline)
  • Strategies to increase access, availability and uptake of healthy start supplements (see recommendation 6 in the draft guideline)
  • Cost and benefits of vitamin D supplementation

The closing date for submissions is the 10th June 2014. Visit the website to find out more.

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