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Aging is a contact sport

Aging is a contact sport videoAging is a contact sport is a must-view animation video showing how to increase compliance with the use of hip protectors. It was funded by a grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and commissioned by Fraser Health Authority, Vancouver Island Health Authority and the BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit following on from a systematic review of Barriers and Facilitators to Hip Protector Compliance in Long-Term Care Facilities.

The review highlights the effectiveness hip protectors can have when worn by elderly residents in long-term care facilities at the time of a fall, as well as the perceived barriers. It gives key recommendations to improve acceptance and adherence with the use of hip protectors.

For example:

  • Education for staff on the benefits of hip protectors and their correct use
  • Organisational commitment at all levels
  • Identification of a champion or leader to motivate, mentor, and monitor
  • Involvement of everyone responsible for resident safety
  • Engagement with, and education for, residents and families
  • Choice of hip protector models with proven efficacy
  • Protocols for ensuring adequate supply, variety of models, correct fit, and laundering.

Click here to view the video.

For the full abstract of Barriers and Facilitators to Hip Protector Compliance in Long-Term Care Facilities click here. You can also access a brief of the systematic review here.

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