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Stay Cool & Hydrate to be Safe this Summer

AgeUK Staying Cool in HeatwaveAnother excellent post from AgeUK, this time concerned with the effects of the current heatwave we are experiencing - apparently this is the longest run of sunshine since 2006! It is well known that there is a link between dehydration and falls so make sure any olderpeople in your life are well hydrated. Here are the top tips for staying cool:

  • Stay inside during the hottest time of the day
  • If you’re travelling by car or public transport, always take a bottle of water.
  • Use sunscreen lotion of factor 15 or above
  • Splash your face with cool (not very cold) water, or place a damp cloth or scarf on the back of your neck to help you cool off
  • Limit activities like housework and gardening to cooler times of the day
  • Wear loose, lightweight, cotton clothing
  • Drink lots of fluids and eat more cold foods such as salad and fruit, which contain water
  • Eat normally – even if you aren’t hungry, you need a normal diet to replace salt losses from sweating

Read the full post and download the information guide for keeping cool.

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