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Map of Falls and Fracture Prevention

Last updated: 18th February 2013

One of the most challenging aspects of working in Falls Prevention is its complexity, it is a truly multi-disciplinary subject area. To help give a quick overview of the major areas of interest ProFaNE.co are proud to present the Map of Falls and Fracture Prevention as a completely free, fully-interactive .pdf download. We truly hope this will be helpful for you, read on for more info.
Map of Falls Fracture Prevention icon
To download the map 'Right-click, save linked file as...' on the image.


The ProFaNE.co Map of Falls and Fracture Prevention is not finalised, complete or static. Changes can be made easily where required and we hope over time that it will become a definitive reference.

If you see a 'red dot' next to a node this means there is a dedicated section on profane.co on that topic - simply click the link on that node in the .pdf to access that section on the website.

We welcome comments, additions, corrections and of course, if you are an expert in any area we would be very interested to hear from you if you would like to create some relevant content. This helps us, it helps the community and of course, it helps you as part of your professional development, please do get in touch.

All the document links currently run a search for that term on the ProFaNE.co website, as we create specific pages for each subject we will update the .pdf accordingly.

All versions of the map are date stamped, i.e. they will have the month and year of publication in the document file name. You can always check back here to see if you have the latest version (currently February 2013) or of course, if you are a member we will make an announcement in the newsletter so you will always be up to date.

You are free to use the map in any way you choose so long as you provide a credit and link back to the profane.co website.

Here's what to do next...

1) Contribute: If you see some way to improve the Map of Falls and Fracture Prevention get in touch and let us know.

2) Disseminate: Send this link to others who you know will be interested.

or simply...

3) Let us know what you think in the comments section below...

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