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Age UK’s Falls Awareness week, 18th – 22nd June 2012

Falls Awareness week is on its way; this year's theme is 'Boost your Bones'. If you're thinking of taking part, the action pack will give you all the information you need to organise and run an event, as well as details of how to order promotional resources such as posters, flyers, balloons and banners. To download a copy, visit www.ageuk.org.uk/fallsweek, or request hardcopies by e-mailing falls@ageuk.org.uk.

This year, Age UK will also be producing participant evaluation forms, an interactive quiz on bone health and a template press release for your event.

Professionals running events are also invited to join the Boost your Bones webinar on falls and bone health, which will take place on Monday 11th June at 3pm. Click for more details and to register for the Falls and Bone Health Webinar.

Call for case studies
Age UK is still looking for case studies of older people who have fallen, and particularly those that have fractured a bone, to highlight the importance of falls prevention services and interventions during Falls Awareness Week.

If you know anyone who fits within one or more of these categories that would be happy to share their story with us, and potentially help others to reduce their risk of falls, please contact falls@ageuk.org.uk or call 0203 033 1354.

AgeUK Falls Week - couple_cycling

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  • Rita May 20, 2012, 3:54 am

    thankyou for your information about falls and fall prevention.I work in aged care and preventing falls in this group if they are mobile is challenging

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