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Help us define sedentary behaviour in research

Dear colleague,

We have launched a consensus process to develop a sedentary behaviour taxonomy. The purpose is to develop a classification system and nomenclature as universal as possible to allow research across the life span, be as inclusive as possible and that is meaningful to and understood by all field of research and the general public.

Therefore we seek you opinion in identifying domains and a structure for the classification that will allows refinement to increase specificity for special populations and settings. We have set up a website to facilitate this process online.

We would be most grateful if you could spare a few moments to register with “SIT: Sedentary behaviour International Taxonomy” to take part in this consensus. This consensus survey follows a Delphi protocol (all the details are on the website) and runs concurrently to the development of a folksonomy (layman classification) of sedentary behaviour.

We are collecting opinion from all people involved in sedentary behaviour research from measurement scientist to those involved in interventions. So please pass this email onto colleagues who might be interested or whose opinion needs to be heard.

Could you also forward the link to the folksonomy to as many people as possible? - http://tinyurl.com/cba3yt8

Thank you for your interest.

Seb Chastin
Senior Research Fellow - Behaviour Dynamics - Active Living Research Group
School of Health and Life Sciences
Glasgow Caledonian University

Dawn Skelton
Professor of Ageing & Health - Later Life Research Group
Institute of Applied Health Research
School of Health & Life Sciences
Glasgow Caledonian University

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