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WEBINAR on falls and visual impairment – open access to talks

This Age UK sponsored webinar (on the 20th June 2011) aimed to increase awareness of the risks of falls which are related to vision, and discuss the effective assessment methods and interventions that can reduce the risk of falls among visually impaired older people. A panel of experts presented current evidence and examples of good practice in the field of vision and falls, and answered questions related to four topic areas. These included:

  • An introduction to vision and falls
  • Adapting the physical environment for people with visual impairment
  • Vision assessments within falls services
  • Adapting physical activity for people with visual impairment

Questions put to the panel have been written up and will also soon be accessible alongside relevant resources and research documents to support ongoing learning.

Speakers were:

  • Dr Dawn Skelton, Reader in Ageing and Health, Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Shelagh Palmer, Health Manager, Visibility
  • Anthony Slater, Lighting Development Manager, Thomas Pocklington Trust

Visit the Age UK website to view the presentations - it does require you to register but this is free and you will not receive marketing information, they just want to gauge the level of interest.

You can also download a pdf document called "The importance of Vision in Preventing Falls" from the BGS Falls and Bone Health Special Interest Group Resource List.

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