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Vision and Falls Prevention – Interact, Contribute, Experience

The profane.co Vision and Falls section forms part of the Map of Falls and Fracture Prevention and aims to give a complete overview of everything a falls prevention professional should be aware of in this particular area. All profane.co reference sections are a 'work in progress' and as new resources and evidence become available, updates will be made as appropriate.

While we do the best we can, it is always possible for us to miss something worthwhile and this is where you, as a falls prevention professional and member of the profane.co online community, can help. If you know of anything that would add value to any article on profane.co, please do let us know, particularly if you are a specialist in this area, we would love to hear from you. We always read and respond to every email. Read on to find more specific ways you can contribute:

Discussion Board

Ask your question on the profane.co discussion forumOne of the best ways you can contribute is by asking any questions you may have about vision and falls prevention. By asking a question you are helping us provide the most useful and relevant information. The community and our falls prevention specialists will do their very best to answer your questions, however, even if there are no clear answers your question could raise awareness and help develop a new research area and potentially change the lives of countless older people.

Don't worry about asking a silly question about something obvious or if you think your question is not important enough, everyone goes through the same process and it's better to ask and be sure than not to ask and make a mistake.

So, go ahead and ask your question on the profane.co discussion forum.

Alternatively, search for posts about vision and falls and see if you can help.


View profane.co Events page.

There may not be any events listed related to vision and falls. If you know of an event about vision and falls that is not listed, please do help your community and let us know.

Share your practice

We would very much like to publish a comprehensive and practical guide, full of hints and tips, for any organisation who wishes to include vision assessment with regard to falls prevention in their daily practice. We would love to hear from you if you have a successful integration of visual impairment assessment as part of your falls pathway. The more contributions we have the better, so do get in touch to discuss this.

News Articles

Search the rest of the profane.co website for other articles on vision and falls prevention.

Know of a current news article we have missed, let us know.

Here's what to do next...

1) Contribute: In summary, if you know something useful, we would love to hear from you, so get in touch.

2) Disseminate: Send this link to others who you know will be interested.

3) Jump to another article in the profane.co Vision and Falls section:

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