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New information leaflet for families and carers

Clinical Excellence Commission Falls Prevention Programm logoThe Clinical Excellence Commission, NSW Falls Prevention Program has developed a new flyer for families and carers of older people admitted to hospital: Patients who are confused could fall when in hospital.

Along with information on the role families can play to help reduce the risk of falls, the leaflet also provides information on the kinds of strategies staff should consider and implement, as well as a list of other health professionals doctors may refer to. It also includes sections on dementia and delirium, with explanations of these conditions, and how they might affect the older person.

Additional leaflets cover:

  • Discharge information after a fall
  • Information following a fall at home
  • Information for those at risk of a fall
  • Bone health
  • Strength and balance exercises

Click here to view the leaflet or visit the Clinical Excellence Commission for a full list of falls prevention flyers available.

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