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UK to Host G8 Summit on Dementia

UK G8 SUmmit on Dementia - Senior man in hospital bed holding wife's handThe UK government has announced that it will use the G8 Summit to coordinate global action on Dementia.

"In the UK alone, there are likely to be nearly a million people with the condition by the end of 2020. The government has already begun a national programme of action through the Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia, launched in 2011.

Now the UK is looking to spark a world-wide effort by inviting health ministers from G8 countries to a high-level summit in London on 11 December to discuss how they can coordinate efforts and shape an effective international solution to dementia. This includes looking for effective therapies and responses to slow dementia’s impact."

"Dementia progresses from mild cognitive impairment, difficulties organising daily life, to the breakdown of personality, followed by loss self and identity, incontinence, unsteadiness, then confinement to bed and finally death. Knowing this is very distressing for people in the early stages of dementia, as well as for caregivers at the end of their loved ones life."

You can read the the full announcement on the UK government website here.

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