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Community Falls and Fracture Rehabilitation Programs by Falls Assist UK

Falls AssistIf you have had falls, feel you are at risk of falls or are recovering from a hip fracture following a fall Falls Assist can help you.

Falls Assist UK is an independent healthcare company formed by a network of healthcare professionals specializing in falls and hip fracture rehabilitation in the community setting. Established in 2011 and a member of the Falls and Fracture Alliance in England, Falls Assist UK provides comprehensive rehabilitation services to the elderly in the community as well as residential homes and at local clinics in Peterborough and surrounding villages and towns.

Falls Assist UK accepts referrals from not only GPs and other healthcare professionals but also directly from patients and their relatives who would prefer early intervention after a fall or as soon as someone is identified at risk. Many of our referrals come from relatives of active individuals that have started to limit their activities due to a fall or a near miss or have been discharged from hospital following hip fractures. Each referral goes through a centralized referral line which is triaged by a qualified health professional with experience in falls and hip fractures.

Clients are then visited by a qualified health professional at their own homes or at a clinic and following a comprehensive and detailed multifactorial assessment are offered intervention including individualized exercise and balance training programs, environmental safety modifications, health and medication checks, interactive patient and family education, behaviour management and goal setting. Clients can also receive eye tests from a qualified optician at home and the intervention and outcomes are fedback to the GP regularly. Clients are also provided with the necessary equipment to maximize their independence for as long as possible. The rehabilitation program is essentially built around the client with the client taking ownership of the program from day one. Our staffs are qualified health professionals registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and are CRB checked. An advice line also operates 24 hours a day. Falls Assist UK also works as a signpost to other services in the community often advising GPs of more appropriate services that clients would benefit from.

For more information visit www.fallsassist.com or alternatively follow Falls Assist on Facebook or Twitter:

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Editors note: Falls Assist provide a coordinating service between falls prevention professionals and older people. Without sponsors like Falls Assist profane.co would not be able to do the things we do, so please do look to see how they can help you in your day to day work, particularly if you live in the Peterborough area.

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