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Simple Intervention Completely Eliminates Risk of Falls in Target Population

Emerging evidence suggests that the fashion for really low baggy pants poses a significant increase of risk of falls to ageing populations.

Several studies have shown that wearing loose, oversize pants poses two main risks; the first is associated with the bottom of the pants trailing on the floor leading to a very high risk that the material will be caught under the shoe causing imbalance and probably a trip, stumble or even fall. The second is the risk of total garment fail where the carefully balanced waistline drops below the critical 'hold point' and the pants fall down. If this happens while moving the consequences are inevitable.

UPDATE: Of course this is an April Fool and in keeping with tradition, after 12 noon we should not try to make anyone take it seriously.

While young people may have the strength, balance and agility to correct many of these fashion induced stumbles and avoid a fall, with age these reflexes can deteriorate and as the people who follow this fashion trend mature, we can expect to see a significant increase in falls and fractures.

Internationally renowned falls prevention expert Professor Dawn Skelton confirmed that the findings support her long held belief that these pants were cause for concern and added "apart from anything else, they look ridiculous, I mean, who wants to see someone else’s underpants on their way to work?"

There are several news stories that also add credence to this research. A thief was foiled by his own fashion sense as he tried, and failed, to make a getaway with a stolen create of beer:

Rather more serious was the case of gunman Hector Quinones who, after murdering his victims, tripped and fell three stories to his death because his pants fell down. You can read the full story here.

Fortunately it's not all bad news, there are several interventions that can completely eliminate this increased risk of falls. Practitioners who come into contact with anyone wearing dangerous clothing should first of all advise against wearing these ill-fitting pants in the first place, however we understand that there may be some resistance to this. A secondary option is to encourage the use of braces, of course this may also be regarded as a fashion faux pas, but researchers and policy makers in the US are negotiating with several prominent fashion lables and rap music stars to try and influence the poulation. Other methods that may be successful can be found here.

In the most reluctant cases funding may be available for a certain number of invisible suspender belts made just for men with baggy pants. Details will be published when available.

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  • Lyn Behnke April 1, 2013, 4:05 pm

    Happy April 1 to you! This is cute and funny illustration actually has more than just a little seed of truth! Poor guy who lost his beer has demonstrated the importance of situational awareness as well!

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