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World Congress on Active Ageing, Glasgow – 13th-17th August 2012

Only 2 weeks to go until this unique congress, co-organised by Professor Dawn Skelton, opens its doors to delegates from 47 countries and older people from Scotland. This exciting event will bring you the state of the art research, successful implementation and translational research and practical "how to" workshops for those of you who work with older adults. From those in care settings with multiple medical conditions to those entering old age or even elite older athletes, this Congress will highlight best practice. Some of you may want to spend the whole week at the Congress, others may just want to come for one or two days, so we have themed the days to suit different interests. For ProFaNE.co members, Wednesday 15th August is the day for you. The day focuses on falls and fractures and highlights some of the most recent evidence on primary care provision of falls exercise, new EC projects on novel ICT solutions, workshops on delivering Otago and FaME exercises and meet the expert sessions. Register now and come and join interested colleagues.

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