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Otago Falls Prevention Exercises Available as Audio Files

OtagoHomeExerciseProgrammeAudio-259x300Different formats of Otago Exercises now available

The evidence behind the cost-effectiveness of the Otago Home Exercise programme in reduction of falls is very strong. However, not all people find reading these exercises, from a booklet or photocopied sheets, easy. For example, many older people have a visual impairment such that reading from a printed format is difficult and therefore their adherence to doing the exercises might be reduced. The VIP trial, by Campbell and Robertson, showed that adherence to the Otago exercises was reduced in this population. Working closely with the original Otago authors, Later Life Training have rolled out a National Training Qualification in the UK for those wishing to deliver the Otago home exercise programme. A number of the instructors had asked different formats such as audio files that people may be able to play on their CD/MP3 player or iPod if they use such technologies. Later Life Training have now provided this for their instructors and they are available for others to download.

Presented by a professional qualified Otago Exercise Programme Leader these audio guides take you through each and every exercise with .mp3 playlists for different levels of ability. The idea is to either buy a CD or download the files, then you get all files individually and also four playlists. You can burn the individual playlists (beginners, intermediate and making progress and advanced) to CDs as required so that your clients/patients get one set of exercises on their CD - tailored to suit their needs at that time. As they progress with their exercises, a new CD can be given to them so that they continue the progress. At present the audio files are only in the English Language.

Full information about the audio files, can be found on the Later Life Training Otago Audio Files web page. They can be used in conjunction with the freely downloadable Otago home exercise booklet that Later Life Training provide as well.

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