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Age UK – Call for Case Studies

age UKAge UK is looking for case studies of older people who have fallen in the UK to highlight the importance of falls prevention services and interventions during Falls Awareness Week.

This may be someone who:

  • has fallen and fractured a bone
  • has fallen and lost mobility and/or suffered reduced quality of life due to their injury or subsequent fear of falling
  • did not receive the necessary treatment following an earlier fracture to prevent a later fall and subsequent fracture
  • has had a particularly positive experience after referral to a falls prevention programme

Real life stories enable us both to secure local and national media coverage, and promote messages to help at-risk and isolated older people reduce their risk of falls.

If you know anyone who fits within one or more of these categories that would be happy to share their story with us, and potentially help others to reduce their risk of falls, please contact amy.charters@ageuk.org.uk or call 0203 033 1081.

Case studies may be used for print or TV at any time from now until July 2012 and will only be shared once written permission has been provided.

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