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Event Overview
This annual event is widely recognised as the leading meeting in the UK for clinicians working in the field of falls and mobility medicine. The day provides a forum for scientific discussion and clinical updates and enables a multidisciplinary audience of over 200 professionals to share their experiences of best clinical practice.

This year the event will be held in Birmingham, UK.

Speakers include:

Dr Celia Gregson - Consultant Senior Lecturer in Musculoskeletal Medicine School of Clinical Sciences University of Bristol
Professor Sallie Lamb. Professor of Rehabilitation University of Oxford
Professor Juergen Bauer, Professor of Geriatric Medicine, University of Heidelberg
Professor Adam Gordon, Clinical Associate Professor in Medicine of Older People - University of Nottingham
Professor Helen Roberts, Associate Professor in Geriatric Medicine University of Southampton
Dr Vicki Goodwin MBE Senior Research Fellow. University of Exeter

Topics include

Preventing Falls in Dementia
Nutrition Sarcopenia
The new NOGG guidance – more falls friendly
Falls in Care Homes
Preventing Falls in Parkinson’s Disease

For more details and information on how to submit an abstract visit the event page:


Investigation of Floor Surface Finishes for Optimal Slip Resistance PerformanceThis publication looks deeper into the issues surrounding slip resistance of floor finishes and expands on earlier findings.

The results of this study with previous findings confirm that floor surface finishes require different levels of surface coarseness for different types of environmental conditions to effectively manage slippery walking environments. Collected data on operative ranges of floor surface roughness seem to be a valuable tool to develop practical design information and standards for floor surface finishes to efficiently prevent pedestrian fall incidents.

Read more on the Science Direct website:


ProFaNE.co and ProFouND.eu

It has come to our attention that some people are spreading the wrong information that ProFaNE.co is inactive and has been replaced by ProFouND. This is not true. ProFaNE.co is only affiliated with ProFouND by nature of similar interest in falls prevention and that we support each others work as completely separate and independent entities. ProFaNE.co is still 100% active and your subscriptions pay for the unique content available on this site and to maintain the server and software to keep the site running. Please help us stop the misleading rumours that are being propagated. Your support is very much appreciated.
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Survey opportunity on falls prevention research

Oxford University Circlet LogoIf you work in falls prevention, we want to hear from you! The University of Oxford are conducting a survey to update recommendations for conducting clinical trials on falls prevention in older people. The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

The survey (Google Doc) can be accessed here using the password: profane091115

The original recommendations are the Common Outcome Data Set for Fall Injury Prevention Trials developed by the ProFaNE (Prevention of Falls Network Europe) group.

If you have any questions, please email bethan.copsey@csm.ox.ac.uk.

Newcastle UniversityThis course starts in a few days: Explore why people fall, discover practical methods to reduce the risk of falling and recognise when to seek expert help. [click to continue…]

Taking appropriate precautions against falls

americannursingThis article from American Nursing Today summarizes recommendations regarding key fall precautions for patients under the direct care of registered nurses (RNs) in acute or long-term settings. Key precautions fall into these categories:

  • Follow the nursing process.
  • Reduce the risk of falls.
  • Protect patients from injury if a fall occurs.

Read the full paper here.

Overview of recent research papers looking at conditions, such as Parkinson's, stroke and multiple sclerosis, which are linked to falling.

Circumstances of falls and fall-related injuries among patients with Parkinson's disease in an outpatient setting
This research identifies different environment-related risk factors for falls among people with Parkinson's, and has found that tripping is a higher risk factor for outdoor falls and indoor falls are associated with lower extremity weakness and internal sense of sudden loss of balance.

Click here to read the full abstract.

ProFouND Prevention of Falls Network for Dissemination Logo

The Prevention of Falls Network for Dissemination (ProFouND) is an EC funded initiative dedicated to bring about the dissemination and implementation of best practice in falls prevention across Europe. ProFouND comprises 21 partners from 12 countries, with associate members from a further 10 countries. ProFouND aims to influence policy and to increase awareness of falls and innovative prevention programmes amongst health and social care authorities, the commercial sector, NGOs and the general public. ProFouND’s aim is to increase the delivery of evidence based practice in falls prevention and therefore reduce the numbers of falls and injurious falls experienced by older adults across Europe.

A core aspect of our work includes ICT interventions in relation to fall prediction, detection and prevention and as part of ProFouND we have created an online innovation factory (http://profound.eu.com/forums/forum/innovation-factory/), where we will bring together health and social care professionals, academics, engineers and industry partners to create new technological solutions to promote falls prevention, detection and monitoring. As part of this work we would like to provide ‘real-life’ case studies on the use of existing technologies, starting  with the U.K. and then rolling out across Europe.

We need your help!

We are looking for case studies from across the U.K.  We would like you to share your experiences of using information and ICT based technologies for falls prediction, detection and prevention in practice. [click to continue…]

BGS-banner-750This annual event is widely recognised as the leading meeting in the UK for clinicians working in the field of falls and mobility medicine. The day provides a forum for scientific discussion and clinical updates and enables a multidisciplinary audience of over 200 professionals to share their experiences of best clinical practice.
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HUR Health And Fitness Equipment

Picture of Grandmother using HUR EquipmentHUR (www.huruk.co.uk) provides evidence-based strength exercise machines/programmes and balance testing platforms to implement effective and measurable active ageing programs to promote independence, mobility, and fall prevention.

Falls Research

Comparison of balance and other physical characteristics between elderly fallers and non-fallers

This paper reports a retrospective study on [click to continue…]

AgeUK - Love Later Life National Osteoporosis Society ProFouND Prevention of Falls Network for Dissemination Logo British Geriatrics Society Later Life Training

ProFaNE.co has long term associations with AgeUK, NOS, BGS and LLT and is proud to be part of the NoS and AgeUK Falls and Fractures Alliance.
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